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Fog Computing With Go: A Comparative Study


The Internet of Things is a recent computing paradigm, defined by networks of highly connected things–sensors, actuators and smart objects–communicating across networks of homes, buildings, vehicles, and even people. The Internet of Things brings Continue reading

A Framework to Generate a Smart Manufacturing System Configurations Using Agents and Optimization


Manufacturing is a crucial element in the global economy. During the last decade, the national manufacturing sector loses nearly 30% of its workforce and investments. Consequently, the quality of the domestic goods, global share, and Continue reading

Design, Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation of Real-time Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Cloud-based Cognitive Radio Networks


Opportunistic spectrum access in cognitive radio network is proposed for remediation of spectrum under-utilization caused by exclusive licensing for service providers that are intermittently utilizing spectrum at any given geolocation and time. Continue reading

Offload Decision Models and the Price of Anarchy in Mobile Cloud Application Ecosystems

With the maturity of technologies, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and with the increasing popularity of cross-platform frameworks, such as Apache Cordova, mobile cloud computing as a new design paradigm of Continue reading

Efficient Secure Computation for Real-world Settings and Security Models

Secure computation involves multiple parties computing a common function while keeping their inputs private, and is a growing field of cryptography due to its Continue reading