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A Timed Colored Petri Net Simulation-based Self-Adaptive Collaboration Method for Production-logistics Systems


Complex and customized manufacturing requires a high level of collaboration between production and logistics in a flexible production system. With the widespread use of Internet of Things technology in manufacturing, a great amount of real-time Continue reading

Investigating Present and Future Interactions Between Radio Frequency Identification, Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


A screening experiment was paired with research observing the past, present and futures of additive manufacturing (a.k.a. rapid prototyping, 3D printing), radio frequency identification, and supply chain management. The experiment tested different Continue reading

Low Power Real-Time Video and Audio Embedded System Design for Naturalistic Bicycle Study


According to NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts, bicyclist deaths and injuries in 2013 are recorded as 732 and 48,000, respectively. In the State of Florida the safety of bicyclists is of particular concern as the bicycle fatality rates are nearly triple the Continue reading

Maximizing Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Actuator Networks Under Graph Routing


Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks (WSANs) enable Internet of Things (IoT) to be incorporated in industrial plants. The dynamics of industrial environments and stringent reliability requirements necessitate high degrees of fault tolerance. Continue reading

Fog Computing With Go: A Comparative Study


The Internet of Things is a recent computing paradigm, defined by networks of highly connected things–sensors, actuators and smart objects–communicating across networks of homes, buildings, vehicles, and even people. The Internet of Things brings Continue reading

A Framework to Generate a Smart Manufacturing System Configurations Using Agents and Optimization


Manufacturing is a crucial element in the global economy. During the last decade, the national manufacturing sector loses nearly 30% of its workforce and investments. Consequently, the quality of the domestic goods, global share, and Continue reading

Strategies for Comparing Metabolic Profiles: Implications for the Inference of Biochemical Mechanisms from Metabolomics Data

Large amounts of metabolomics data have been accumulated in recent years and await analysis. Previously we had developed a systems biological approach to infer biochemical mechanisms underlying metabolic alterations observed in Continue reading

Balancing Dependability Quality Attributes for Increased Embedded Systems Dependability

Embedded systems are used in many critical applications where a failure can have serious consequences. Therefore, achieving a high level of dependability is an ultimate goal. However, in order to achieve this goal we are in Continue reading

Streamlining Search User Interfaces on the Smartphone: An Experimental Study of Comparing Different GUI Versions of Karolinska Institutet’s Search Solution

The presentation of the search result information has become more important ever since the rapid development and use of smartphones. This thesis investigated what makes search engine result pages Continue reading