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Acoustic Wake-Up Receivers for Home Automation Control Applications


Automated home applications are to ease the use of technology and devices around the house. Most of the electronic devices, like shutters or entertainment products (Hifi, TV and even WiFi), are constantly in a standby mode, where they consume a Continue reading

A Semantic Situation Awareness Framework for Indoor Cyber-Physical Systems


Recently, the domain of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) has emerged as a successor to the traditional embedded systems and the wireless sensor networks. The relatively new cyber-physical domain offers tight integration of control, communication Continue reading

An Investigation on a Mobile Robot in a ROS Enabled Cloud Robotics Environment


In modern day robotic applications, the use of cloud computing is being considered as a viable option giving rise to development of cloud robotics environment. Robots are also being developed to operate under an organized framework of robot operating Continue reading

Offload Decision Models and the Price of Anarchy in Mobile Cloud Application Ecosystems

With the maturity of technologies, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and with the increasing popularity of cross-platform frameworks, such as Apache Cordova, mobile cloud computing as a new design paradigm of Continue reading