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Internet of Things-based Arduino Intelligent Monitoring and Cluster Analysis of Seasonal Variation in Physicochemical Parameters of Jungnangcheon, an Urban Stream


In the present case study, the use of an advanced, efficient and low-cost technique for monitoring an urban stream was reported. Physicochemical parameters (PcPs) of Jungnangcheon stream (Seoul, South Korea) were assessed using an Continue reading

Modeling the SPS Feedback and Feedforward Systems for Improved Performance


The Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) is the last link in the chain of accelerators providing protons to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The SPS is currently the limiting factor on the maximum number of protons and thus collisions in the LHC. Continue reading

Investigating Present and Future Interactions Between Radio Frequency Identification, Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


A screening experiment was paired with research observing the past, present and futures of additive manufacturing (a.k.a. rapid prototyping, 3D printing), radio frequency identification, and supply chain management. The experiment tested different Continue reading

A Distributed Processing Platform With Reconfigurable Autonomous Nodes


Distributed processing is a fast growing area of interest due to the exploding popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technologies. IoT is a distributed processing structure by nature, while UAVs evolve from single-UAV Continue reading

Occupancy Estimation in Smart Building Using Hybrid Co2/light Wireless Sensor Network


Smart building, which delivers useful services to residents at lowest cost and maximum comfort, has gained increasing attention in recent years. A variety of emerging information technologies have been adopted in modern buildings, such as wireless sensor Continue reading

Adaptive Environments for Enabling Senior Citizens: an Holistic Assessment Tool for Housing Design and IoT-based Technologies


The population of older adults will continuously increase over the coming decades. As they get older, people will require assistance and regular monitoring, with higher costs for welfare system and families. Two vital aspects of a healthy lifestyle, are Continue reading

Emulating 3G Network Characteristics on WiFi Networks

Mobile applications should work regardless of which type of wireless interface is used, and should be able to conceal unstable connections from the user to improve user experience. Therefore, network testing is important when Continue reading

Balancing Dependability Quality Attributes for Increased Embedded Systems Dependability

Embedded systems are used in many critical applications where a failure can have serious consequences. Therefore, achieving a high level of dependability is an ultimate goal. However, in order to achieve this goal we are in Continue reading