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A Customized Metal Oxide Semiconductor-based Gas Sensor Array for Onion Quality Evaluation: System Development and Characterization


A gas sensor array, consisting of seven Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) sensors that are sensitive to a wide range of organic volatile compounds was developed to detect rotten onions during storage. These MOS sensors were enclosed in a specially designed Continue reading

Acoustic Wake-Up Receivers for Home Automation Control Applications


Automated home applications are to ease the use of technology and devices around the house. Most of the electronic devices, like shutters or entertainment products (Hifi, TV and even WiFi), are constantly in a standby mode, where they consume a Continue reading

Path Loss Measurements of Indoor LTE System for the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) provides communication service for future smart manufacturing, which is capable of independently exchanging and responding to information to manage industrial production processes. For the purpose of Continue reading

A Semantic Situation Awareness Framework for Indoor Cyber-Physical Systems


Recently, the domain of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) has emerged as a successor to the traditional embedded systems and the wireless sensor networks. The relatively new cyber-physical domain offers tight integration of control, communication Continue reading

Investigating Present and Future Interactions Between Radio Frequency Identification, Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


A screening experiment was paired with research observing the past, present and futures of additive manufacturing (a.k.a. rapid prototyping, 3D printing), radio frequency identification, and supply chain management. The experiment tested different Continue reading

Emulating 3G Network Characteristics on WiFi Networks

Mobile applications should work regardless of which type of wireless interface is used, and should be able to conceal unstable connections from the user to improve user experience. Therefore, network testing is important when Continue reading

Strategies for Comparing Metabolic Profiles: Implications for the Inference of Biochemical Mechanisms from Metabolomics Data

Large amounts of metabolomics data have been accumulated in recent years and await analysis. Previously we had developed a systems biological approach to infer biochemical mechanisms underlying metabolic alterations observed in Continue reading

XML as a Format for Representation and Manipulation of Data from Radar Communications

XML was designed to be a new standard for marking up data on the web. However, as a result of its extensible and flexible properties, XML is now being used more and more for other purposes than was originally intended. Today XML is Continue reading

Balancing Dependability Quality Attributes for Increased Embedded Systems Dependability

Embedded systems are used in many critical applications where a failure can have serious consequences. Therefore, achieving a high level of dependability is an ultimate goal. However, in order to achieve this goal we are in Continue reading