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Application of Fault Tree Analysis and Fuzzy Neural Networks to Fault Diagnosis in the Internet of Things (Iot) for Aquaculture


In the Internet of Things (IoT) equipment used for aquaculture is often deployed in outdoor ponds located in remote areas. Faults occur frequently in these tough environments and the staff generally lack professional knowledge and pay Continue reading

Case Study for the Return on Investment of Internet of Things using Agent-based Modelling and Data Science


As technology advances towards new paradigms such as the Internet of Things, there is a desire among business leaders for a reliable method to determine the value of supporting these ventures. Traditional simulation and analysis techniques Continue reading

Internet of Things-based Arduino Intelligent Monitoring and Cluster Analysis of Seasonal Variation in Physicochemical Parameters of Jungnangcheon, an Urban Stream


In the present case study, the use of an advanced, efficient and low-cost technique for monitoring an urban stream was reported. Physicochemical parameters (PcPs) of Jungnangcheon stream (Seoul, South Korea) were assessed using an Continue reading

Maximizing Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Actuator Networks Under Graph Routing


Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks (WSANs) enable Internet of Things (IoT) to be incorporated in industrial plants. The dynamics of industrial environments and stringent reliability requirements necessitate high degrees of fault tolerance. Continue reading

An Energy Efficient, Load Balancing, and Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks


The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the future of Computer Networks and Computing in general, and it is gaining ground very rapidly. The whole idea has originated from the pervasive presence of a variety of things or objects equipped with the internet Continue reading

Occupancy Estimation in Smart Building Using Hybrid Co2/light Wireless Sensor Network


Smart building, which delivers useful services to residents at lowest cost and maximum comfort, has gained increasing attention in recent years. A variety of emerging information technologies have been adopted in modern buildings, such as wireless sensor Continue reading

Emulating 3G Network Characteristics on WiFi Networks

Mobile applications should work regardless of which type of wireless interface is used, and should be able to conceal unstable connections from the user to improve user experience. Therefore, network testing is important when Continue reading

Software Defined Networking With Pseudonym Systems for Secure Vehicular Clouds

The vehicular cloud is a promising new paradigm, where vehicular networking and mobile cloud computing are elaborately integrated to enhance the quality of Continue reading

Offload Decision Models and the Price of Anarchy in Mobile Cloud Application Ecosystems

With the maturity of technologies, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and with the increasing popularity of cross-platform frameworks, such as Apache Cordova, mobile cloud computing as a new design paradigm of Continue reading