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A Human Proximity Operations System Test Case Validation Approach


A Human Proximity Operations System (HPOS) poses numerous risks in a real world environment. These risks range from mundane tasks such as avoiding walls and fixed obstacles to the critical need to keep people and processes safe in Continue reading

Spatial Computing in an Orbital Environment: An Exploration of the Unique Constraints of this Special Case to other Spatial Computing Environments


The creation of an orbital services model (where spacecraft expose their capabilities for use by other spacecraft as part of a service-for-hire or barter system) requires effective determination of how to Continue reading

Climbing Up Cloud Nine: Performance Enhancement Techniques for Cloud Computing Environments


With the transformation of cloud computing technologies from an attractive trend to a business reality, the need is more pressing than ever for efficient cloud service management tools and techniques. As cloud technologies continue to Continue reading

Automatic Scheduling for Unmanned Aerial System


Upper air reports of meteorological data are limited to PIREPs (Pilot Reports), which require pilots to actually experience the weather phenomenon, and radiosondes. Unmanned aircraft systems can reduce risk and increase data points if they can seek out and observe these conditions. Automated scheduling provides a means to generate
and plan the UAS mission, taking into consideration prioritized tasks.

Source: University of North Dakota
Authors: Gene Cao | Cody Soderstrom | Jeremy Straub | Eunjin Kim

Coffeepot for Masochists: A Study in User-Centered System Design

This master thesis is carried out in the field of “Human-Computer interaction”, more specifically the area “User-centered system design”. The focus has been on “usability” and useful Continue reading