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Offload Decision Models and the Price of Anarchy in Mobile Cloud Application Ecosystems

With the maturity of technologies, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and with the increasing popularity of cross-platform frameworks, such as Apache Cordova, mobile cloud computing as a new design paradigm of mobile application developments is becoming increasingly more accessible to developers. Following this trend, future on-device mobile application ecosystems will not only comprise a mixture of native and remote applications, but also include multiple hybrid mobile cloud applications.

The resource competition in such ecosystems and its impact over the performance of mobile cloud applications has not yet been studied. In this paper, we study this competition from a game theoretical perspective and examine how it affects the behavior of mobile cloud applications. Three offload decision models of cooperative and non-cooperative nature are constructed and their efficiency compared. We present an extension to the classic load balancing game to model the offload behaviors within a non-cooperative environment.

Mixed-strategy Nash equilibria are derived for the non-cooperative offload game with complete information, which further quantifies the price of anarchy in such ecosystems. We present simulation results that demonstrate the differences between each decision model’s efficiency. Our modeling approach facilitates further research in the design of the offload decision engines of mobile cloud applications. Our extension to the classic load balancing game broadens its applicability to real-life applications.
Source: IEEE
Authors: Bo Gao, Ligang He | Stephen a. Jarvis

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