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A Hybrid Synchrophasor and GOOSE-Based Power System Synchronization Scheme


The design and real-time hardware-in-the-loop implementation of a hybrid synchrophasors and GOOSE-based automatic synchronization algorithm are presented in this paper. Automatic synchronization is performed by utilizing the synchrophasor measurements from two commercial phasor measurement units (PMUs), while the coordinated control commands to automatic voltage regulator and/or turbine governor control and trip command to the circuit breaker are issued using IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE messages.

The algorithm is deployed inside the PMU using the protection logic equations, and direct communication between the PMUs is established to minimize the communication latencies. In addition, the algorithm is tested using a standard protection relay test-set, and automatic test sequences are executed to validate its performance. It is concluded that the hybrid synchrophasor and GOOSE-based automatic synchronization scheme ensures minimum communication latencies, reduces equipment cost, facilitates interoperability, and performs automatic reconnection adequately.

Source: IEEE
Authors: Muhammad Shoaib Almas | Luigi Vanfretti

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