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Streamlining Search User Interfaces on the Smartphone: An Experimental Study of Comparing Different GUI Versions of Karolinska Institutet’s Search Solution

The presentation of the search result information has become more important ever since the rapid development and use of smartphones. This thesis investigated what makes search engine result pages efficient and effective on the smartphone screen. For this thesis an experimental study of Karolinska Institutet’s search solution was executed.

Three different versions of Karolinska Institutet’s search engine result pages were developed, by researching potential features that would improve the effectiveness and efficiency. The developed versions were compared to the original search engine result pages through experiments with students from Karolinska Institutet.

The quantitative results showed no statistical significance of improvement in effectiveness or efficiency. The qualitative results indicated that categories and summary texts are preferable features in a search GUI in a smartphone. Thus the results were indecisive, the author reflects and provides ideas on how to achieve clearer results.
Source: KTH
Author: Annebäck, Jesper

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